St. Anthony's Hauz KhasHi, I am Divyoshri, a strategist by profession. I currently working as a Strategic Planning Director at Wunderman Thompson. It gives me immense pleasure to share my beautiful memories of school for its golden jubilee.
I say this with utmost gratitude that St. Anthony's has shaped me as a person. All my best friends are from school but the most important part has been played by my lovely teachers. From encouraging me to participate in every competition and giving all the extra academic help I needed, to consoling me after I messed up in the school assembly multiple times. From always checking on me and ensuring I stayed humble amidst my achievements, to always keeping doors open for me to come and ramble away about my problems. Graduating from school corridors to now WhatsApp and Facebook, my teachers still cheer for me, keeping the faith in me alive.
It's heart warming to see a school so invested in your growth. School made realise that "believing" is so important. Because when you believe in something it grows into something beautiful. So believe in yourself, believe in your peers and believe that good things will happen.
Fun fact- I inaugurated the 25th silver jubilee celebration with a speech.. Time sure flies.

St. Anthony's Hauz KhasI'm Arooshi Nigam student of St. Anthony's batch 2014.
I have completed my graduation in Sanskrit from Lady Shriram college for women, Delhi University in the year 2017 followed by Post Graduation in Dharmashastras in the sanskrit literature, which I completed in June 2019. I have won numerous awards and scholarship throughout my 5 years at the university. The awards conferred to me are as follows:

  • SANSKRIT ACADEMY AWARD (Delhi state govt scholarship) for academic excellence twice consecutively for the year 2015-16 and 2017-18. I'm nominated again for the same award for the current academic year.
  • N. K. MEHTA PRIZE awarded by the Principal of the LSR college for meritorious contributions to the college in the year 2017.
  • I was the first recipient of the SUDHIR BHANDARI AWARD for best all round performance in the three year undergraduation programme by the HoD of the sanskrit department at LSR in the year 2017.
  • PRINCIPAL PRIZE awarded for the highest merit In M.A previous in the year 2018.
  • SHRI KARAMCHAND PRIZE awarded for the highest merit in Sanskrit and held University position for the same in the year 2018.
  • SHAILI RANI PRIZE awarded for the best student admitted to post graduation programme in the LSR Delhi University in the year 2018.
  • SOUTH CAMPUS (DU) ENDOWMENT SCHOLARSHIP conferred twice consecutively for the year 2018 and 2019.

I was the elected Treasurer 2015-16 for the LSRC department students Association and then re-elected as the President 2016-17 of the department students Association. During my undergraduation I was appointed as Language editor in sanskrit for the college magazine. 2015-17. Under my Presidentship I introduced and launched the department journal for the bery first time ever in the history of the Lady Shriram college named- “TEJAS" which has been a journey in itself.
The biggest accomplishment for me is that I have cleared the NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY TEST (NET) for ASSISTANT PROFESSOR in December 2019. I'm currently working on my admissions for Ph.D in Sanskrit from the central universities in India.
My entire academic journey has been a very fruitful one and I owe it all to my Alma mater, my very own St. Anthony's. The school for me was not just an educational institution but so much more. It was not only about the subject based teaching but the values and morals that will stay for a lifetime. The school taught me what it takes to make a successful future. The school focused on the major values such as; Diligence, hard work, mental strength, honesty, being true to self and self empowerment which have really stayed with me throughout.
I have an unending list of the teachers who I'm grateful for everything and it was an honor that I got to study under their tutelage. Ms. Reena Jose was definitely the biggest support mentally and emotionally I had in the school. Extremely thankful to Ms. Pushpa, Ms. Manju Sahani, Ms. Usha koshy, Ms. Anita Krishan, Ms. Jyoti Bisht, Ms. Sheetal Verma for being the constant support. Proud to be an Anthonian, forever an Anthonian.
Signing off
Arooshi Nigam
Batch of 2014

St. Anthony's Hauz Khas Everyone has a unique talent, but very few are lucky enough to be discovered and nurtured. St.Anthony School gave me an opportunity to come across teachers and mentors who realized the vast potential in me and empower me with even greater opportunities. Just like how beautiful ceramic pottery begins with a humble journey as clay, I too began my journey as a raw mind. This school helped me shape my raw clay into a perfect invaluable blue pottery. I owe my professional success and personal growth to this amazing school that taught me the value of gratitude, the power of persistence, the potential of an ‘idea’ and the desire to live life like there is no tomorrow. The three-decade journey of my life is on an upward growth because St.Anthony built my foundations with love and priceless teachings.
Angela Cecilia Toppo

St. Anthony's Hauz Khas I have completed twelve, very formative years, at St. Anthony’s Senior Secondary School, in 2003. I received my doctoral degree in dental surgery following which I moved to the States for post-graduate training. I currently serve on the faculty of the University of Cincinnati, in the Division of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.
As I type this homage, I am flooded with memories of my time in school and dare I say, they are as vivid as they are fond. “It takes a village,” they say, to raise a child. I think my parents found that village within the walls of St. Anthony’s. My teachers were the proverbial wind beneath my nascent wings. I will take this opportunity to thank my teachers for having introduced me to myself, to what I had the potential of becoming, to my strengths and (needless to say) my weaknesses. My parents and I are so incredibly grateful for my foundation years at St. Anthony’s.
Hether Khosla