St. Anthony

“I consider the school as a treasure to be polished and watched over.” 

                                                                                             (Mother Seraphina Farolfi) 

    We often say that children are our future, however, it is the present that decides the future. Only if we nurture our children with the right spirit and groom them to become assets to their respective families and the entire society, then will there be a bright future. I believe that this vision of preparing our children to grow into educated, mature and holistically balanced people is the challenge faced by every educational institution.
     At St. Anthony’s we strive to provide our students with good education coupled with sound moral values. Our girls are to be helped to dream big and achieve new zeniths as individuals. I am supported in these efforts with the help of a team of dedicated and skilled teachers who are committed to provide a conducive atmosphere and effective education. Our students are trained to live in a disciplined manner and develop basic life skills that help them place themselves in mainstream life as efficient and effective young women. 
    This is a team effort and hence, I invite all the stake-holders - parents, teachers and the students themselves, to join hands in building a better tomorrow. Let us choose life – a bright and hopeful tomorrow and help each other in this journey towards one’s inner freedom and true joy. 
    May the good Lord, the Educator par excellence, help us in our humble efforts to discover our identity as His children.

God bless you!
Sr. Daisy