St. Anthony's Hauz Khas

Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality. It doesn’t require a title.For any organization to function smoothly , a bridge is built within the hierarchical systems. Similarly for a school to properly function- a connecting link between students and teachers is of great importance. The student council plays this crucial role of forming a bond between the Teachers and Students. It acts as a catalyst of innovation and prosperity within the school community.

By being a part of the council, students learn values like discipline, character development, leadership and self-righteousness which help them to be accountable citizens.

The student council at St. Anthony’s Sr. Sec. School consists of the following designations-

  • Pupil leader and the Assistant Pupil Leader
  • The Editorial board
  • House captains, vice captains and deputy captains
  • Environment captain and vice captain
  • Sports captain, vice captain and deputy captain
  • Prefects
  • English captains

An Investiture Ceremony heralded the formation of the Student Council on 21st April 2023.

The badge and the scarf - the emblems of responsibility were bestowed upon the leaders chosen for the task of selfless duty towards school . Every segment of the Student Council holds its own significance. A clear division of duties ensures smooth functioning of the council.

Moreover, the council members form the core of the student community and try their level best in uplifting, supporting, and motivating their peers.